We have a different approach

People confuse refurbishment with restoration or renovation. Here’s the thing: They have slight differences and you need to know them. Refurbishment is the name given to the entire process of beautifying, decorating, cleaning, or retrofitting a building. On the contrary, restoration refers to reconstructing damaged parts of a property and renovation means overhauling a structure to suit it to a new use.

 Despite this difference, there are numerous services out there that do all of the mentioned things under a single umbrella. In general, we too work to cosmetically renovate, repair, convert or alter, add extensions, upgrade, or retrofit a building when it comes to refurbishing a building.

The process is not as simple as it seems, and we know this out of our vast experience. We have seen times when everything got complicated and we had to go with a new approach. We’ve also seen moments when everything went smooth despite the complexity of the project.

However, throughout our time in the industry, we’ve never failed to impress our clients, and this is a record we are proud of. You can also reap a myriad of benefits from our expertise by hiring us and giving us the opportunity to prove ourselves to you.

Our refurbishment service extends the life of a building

If you do not have enough funds to rent out a new place, we can help you accommodate your growing family or business in your existing space by either modernizing it with all the relevant modern-day equipment or by simply extending it (refurbishment as a whole).

 During this, we can also make all the necessary arrangements for improving the “health” of the building so that it lasts longer. At the end of the process, you’ll be left with a completely new area suited to your needs and a whole lot of saved money ready to be invested somewhere else.

We have a different approach

It is obvious to understand that every building is different. Yes, their basic building materials are all the same, but they differ in structure, typology, and technical details. Therefore, each building has its special needs that can be understood by an expert only.


You wouldn’t want to hire someone that deals with all of his or her projects in the same way. That would definitely be disastrous, given the risk of failure and thus, of tragedy.


Our clients take a deep breath of relief when they know that we are not one of those people. We have a different approach and that depends on the conditions of the building. Our architects assess those conditions before starting the original work.


Also, we prefer to hold meetings with you or any former occupant, if any, to understand the purpose and layout of the building completely. We strive to refurbish the building only after delving into its blueprints and history.


This connection or communication goes on from the initial phase of the project to its end or completion.


Thus, because of our different approaches and understanding of refurbishment, we can help you create the place of your dream. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now.