Property Management

GPD’s Property Management Service

As the name suggests, property management is overseeing a property that is owned by someone else. It could be a residential or commercial real state. In this, the property manager manages everything related to the property on behalf of the owner. The net income generated goes to the owner who, of course, pays the property manager his or her fee or commission as agreed.


Many homeowners opt for this service of GPD because of its flexibility, ease of mind, transparency, and accessibility. We welcome and encourage you to join this pool of happy customers by contacting us right away.

Our service is all-inclusive

Our package is all-inclusive, which means it contains every aspect of managing a property such as

  • Creating home budgets for you,
  • Listing your property,
  • Leasing it,
  • Finding the right tenant for it,
  • Collecting rents at the right time and taking legal actions if the tenants don’t comply with the rules stipulated in the agreement,
  • Maintaining it,
  • Helping you follow all the local rules and regulations of legal bodies,
  • Cleaning your house both externally and internally,
  • Complying with the market standard of preventive maintenance,
  • Construction or revamp as and if needed, and
  • Helping you with a lot of other things.


However, this does not mean that you cannot opt for a few things rather than going for the entire package. For example, if you do not want us to list your property and only want us to oversee maintenance and tenant qualification or compliance with the agreement, you can definitely choose as such. We give our clients the freedom of choosing what they want us to manage.

Is property management the right way?

This is a question that has many answers. But all in all, it boils down to one thing: Your preferences and routine.


Normally, what we’ve seen is that people only want to eat the mangoes and not count the trees – meaning, they only want to enjoy the profit rather than working day and night to ensure it. They leave all the nitty-gritty of management to us.


Also, some clients have more than one property, in which case, they hire us to ensure smooth business. The specifically lack the time to oversee each property and only rely on monthly reports we present them.


The third reason why clients hire our service is a lack of expertise in the field. They do not know or wish to know all the local or federal real estate rules and regulations. They are not aware of or do not wish to indulge in the legal matters of real estate when it comes to joining an affordable or some other housing projects/programs.


So, our service is for you if you

  • Want to invest time in more important things of your business,
  • Wish to enjoy the profit only,
  • Want to see an expert work instead of you,
  • Want to stay away from the legal jargon of managing a property or leasing it, or
  • Have more than one property to oversee.


Galaxy Property Development property management service is well-known in the market and we’re sure you will hire us for a long time after seeing the results yourself.