Loft Conversions

Committed to work

Duty calls or for whatever personal reasons, you’ve decided to move to a new place. Obviously, you would want your new place to be better than before and have equal, if not more space. But being on a budget does leave you with hard choices to choose from. What do you do if you can’t find a better place with equal space for the same price as before? The most convenient option would be to make use of empty spaces in your house. Now, what would be bigger than a cool and compact pace for your loft? 


Loft conversion

A loft conversion is a growing trend in this current age. People are now becoming serious about making use of a colossal amount of empty space in their attic. What harm would it cause if you were to get an additional bedroom in your house by spending not that much? 


GPD LIMITED offers loft conversion services all over North and South London. Once you book an appointment with us, our team of professionals will visit your place to access your place and its possibilities for construction. We will make sure that there’s ample space for the construction to take place. Another important aspect is to keep in mind space for stairs leading to the attic and the headspace. If your attic space is adequate n both these fronts, proceeding with the construction won’t be an issue. We have our own team of architectures and designers who will assist you with your project. 

Committed to work

We take every job of ours personally. There will be no outsourcing on our part and one of our own loft conversion teams will be part of your project. A designated project manager will be assigned to you who will foresee your entire loft construction from start till the end. 

Rules, regulations, and permissions

We work by the book and we make sure that all laws are in place before the conversion of your loft begins. Upon commencing work, we will provide you with a completion certificate and all electricity and gas certificates for your record. 


We’ve been in the industry for quite some time and we are familiar with its every dimension. The set of rules are slightly different when we compare London to other areas. But we’ve got you covered all along. We have complete knowhow of all rules for all areas. We will work on your project, keeping in mind all building regulations and planning permissions. Headroom requirements for London apartments are around two metres. If your house is connected to another house, a party wall agreement will also need to be signed.


Loft conversion increases the value of your place by 30 per cent. So, it’s not only about filling up empty spaces, attic conversion adds to your property value as well. Customer satisfaction is GPD’s motto and our customers are our strength.

Once we are done with your attic conversion, your place will simply be oozing class.