Home Extensions

We help you realize your dream

Home Extensions

Home extensions are a simple solution to your space problems, especially in the present high market prices. Meaning, while others are going all out for buying new properties to accommodate their growing families or fulfill their needs; while they are spending their precious savings on this endeavor, you can solve your problem in less amount and in a completely controlled way.

We say controlled because extending your home or adding new portions to it follows the design or plan you want. You have a say in everything from adding a room to a whole new portion or just extending your porch/patio. You decide its design, materials, and everything you think you can tweak.

Of course, that cannot be done wholly by yourself. You’ll need professional advice and this is where we come.

We help you realize your dream

For some, abandoning the idea of buying a new home because of fewer funds and starting again on the old property can be less exciting. They think that they are left with no choice but to work on their old house, which means living in the same old place. The sense of no change worries them.

If you’re one of those people, then let us tell you that you can be the master of your imagination. You can completely overhaul the look of your house both internally and externally as new additions are made and the old space is revamped.

Home extensions can be for any part of your homes

Sometimes clients hesitate to go for extending their homes because they think only the outer parts can be extended. We tell them what we are going to tell you here.

You can extend any part of your house whether it is situated deep inside or outside. There are no limitations. Thank all the years of innovation in this field over the years for this.

We have helped a number of clients

Running a business requires the owner to innovate its ways and level up to the market expectations or client needs. In line with this, we talked about new methods of extending houses above and they are exactly what we’ve worked on for years.


We have a number of clients who get their houses extended. Not only this, we’ve helped them get rid of the “old school” look and add pomp and show of the modern age to their revamped house.

 So far, our clients have been happy with our work and for this, we are thankful to our team of contractors and workers who have not only embraced the training we’ve given them, but have also improved on their own. We are thankful to them because of their sheer commitment and willingness to continue working with the client’s preferences.

Whether it is the addition of a basement, a wrap-around, and over-structure, or a space as simple as a sunroom, they’ve taken every challenge with a smile and have made us proud.



So, if you want to work with them and see them realize your dream home extensions, you can contact us, the Galaxy Property Development, here.